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Provincial first-class undergraduate courses, South Institute +10!

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Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education announced the "Announcement on the List of Guangdong Provincial First-class Undergraduate Courses to be Recognized in 2023".Our school has achieved new breakthroughs in curriculum construction, and a total of 10 courses are intended to be selected as first-class undergraduate courses in Guangdong Province。Among them, there are 9 provincial online and offline mixed courses and 1 offline first-class course。Up to now, our school has been approved as one national first-class undergraduate course, 21 provincial first-class undergraduate courses, and 3 provincial ideological and political demonstration courses。

Course list

In recent years,Our school attaches great importance to the construction of "golden lessons",Curriculum construction and classroom teaching reform are the focus and main starting point of undergraduate education teaching reform,Dig deep into the ideological and political elements contained in various courses and teaching methods,We will reform and innovate classroom teaching methods,We will promote the deep integration of information technology into education and teaching,Explore the hybrid teaching mode combining online and offline,We will promote classroom teaching reform,We strive to create a number of advanced, innovative and challenging undergraduate courses。This time, many courses of our school were approved as provincial first-class undergraduate courses, which fully demonstrated the effectiveness of curriculum construction, teaching level and teaching quality of our school teachers, and provided important support for promoting the connotative development and high-quality development of our school's undergraduate education。

next,The university will take the provincial first-class undergraduate curriculum construction as an opportunity,Adhere to the student development as the center,We will improve the plan for developing first-class undergraduate courses,Establish an incentive mechanism for school curriculum construction,Improve curriculum management and evaluation systems,Give full play to the exemplary role of "first-class curriculum",Deepen curriculum ideological and political construction,We will promote curriculum reform and innovation,Strive to create more high-quality and diversified first-class undergraduate courses,Meet the diverse and personalized learning needs of students,Comprehensively improve the curriculum construction level of our school and the quality of undergraduate talent training。

Course introduction

Liang Ling, School of Foreign Languages

Advanced English Reading II

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Course Introduction:Advanced English Reading II is a demonstration class of curriculum ideology and politics in Guangdong Province and was selected as an excellent case of curriculum reform by the Teaching Management Association of Higher Education in Guangdong Province。This course is aimed at students in the second semester of the third year of English majors, using the national Liberal Arts series of English majors。The teaching purpose is to help English learners understand the nature of language and achieve the core goal of talent training, namely, to cultivate international vision, English professional skills, innovative thinking ability, personalized development skills, and applied artificial intelligence skills。This course strengthens the integration of arts and sciences,Attach importance to information technology empowerment,A bold attempt to integrate English with new technology;Focus on language ability and thinking training,Reorganize the course content and teaching modules according to reading language knowledge and reading skills;Attach importance to the cultivation of students' practical ability,Design "big projects, small tasks" and guide students to get started,Actively promote interdisciplinary integration,Achieve "English +";Attach importance to formative evaluation,Teachers and students build evaluation standards,Highlight evaluation features。

He Qinwei, School of Accounting


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Course Introduction:The auditing course is one of the core courses of accounting major and financial management major, two first-class majors in the accounting School of our university。This course relies on the heavy discipline foundation of the major, takes the training of application-oriented talents as the goal, implements the "goal-oriented" education concept, and organically integrates theoretical teaching, practical teaching and ideological and political teaching to achieve all-round education in the whole process。Based on the knowledge of social audit, the knowledge of national audit and internal audit is interactive, and the knowledge of wisdom audit is embedded, so as to build an audit knowledge system that integrates the basic knowledge of audit, the strategy of the party and the state, and technological change。Through the organic combination of "knowledge, ability and morality", we help students establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, and realize the teaching goal of "trinity" of knowledge imparting, ability training and value shaping。With the innovative teaching method of both online and offline, we will build an application-oriented audit classroom and cultivate application-oriented undergraduate talents with solid theoretical foundation, strong practical ability and high moral accomplishment。

Zeng Tao, School of Accounting

Management Accounting

Teaching team photo (left one is Zeng Tao)

Course Introduction:Management Accounting is the core course of Accounting (ACCA), which mainly introduces the main elements of management accounting system to students and how to play the role of supporting and making corporate decisions。The course team is composed of 100% ACCA lecturers from our school with overseas study or work background and gold lecturers from ACCA platinum training institutions,The traditional teaching mode of "teacher-lecturing" will be changed to "students' independent learning and teachers' explanation of important knowledge points",It greatly improves students' ability and interest in independent learning,So as to achieve the optimal learning effect。This course follows international accounting standards,Use all English textbooks,Bilingual teaching,Combine theory with application,Through cases, students are guided to make decision analysis from the perspective of managers,Guided by the development strategy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the investment needs of the Belt and Road Initiative,To cultivate first-class applied management accounting talents with both international vision and local practice。

Li Weiguo, Business School

Operation Management

Course Introduction:Through the study of this course,Enable students to systematically and deeply grasp the professional theoretical knowledge of business operation,Learn to use scientific theoretical concepts, realistic means and methods,Consider the characteristics of enterprise operation management,The manufacturing and service industries should be reasonably optimized in terms of business operations,Thus objectively and realistically design the strategic planning of the enterprise。This course is based on the Principles of Management course and is also the basis for further study of other business and management theories。

Zhang Jianxin, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Fundamentals of Computer Application

Teaching team photo (first from the left is Zhang Jianxin)

Course Introduction:The course "Basic of Computer Application" is a compulsory basic course for non-science and engineering students in Guangzhou Nanfang University. It aims to teach students the knowledge of computer hardware and software, take into account the advanced knowledge of practical software and computer field, and cultivate students' computer thinking and information processing ability。This course always adheres to the teaching concept of "guide, learn, practice, practice, test, competition and evaluation" integrated office skills。By learning,Students can learn the basics of computers,Proficient in WPS office software,To enable students to master the basic operations such as text, table and presentation,Able to complete the corresponding comprehensive tasks independently,Passed the computer Proficiency Certification exam,To provide students with basic computer application ability for the future study of professional courses。

Accounting college Ning Junrong


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Course Introduction:Tax Law is a professional course of accounting that combines the basic theory of taxation with the practice of tax declaration. It is also one of the basic courses for economic management majors such as accounting, financial management and auditing。This course is oriented towards the goal of cultivating application-oriented talents,The combination of work and study based on education,Combine tax theory knowledge with tax declaration practice organically,Let students understand the main contents of the current tax law system in China,Be familiar with and master the calculation methods of various tax amounts,To develop students' professional ability in taxation and the concept of tax rule of law。This course also lays the necessary professional foundation for students to work in the future and cultivates the corresponding professional ability。

Zhou Fengling, College of Literature and Media

Ancient Chinese

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Course Introduction:In the process of teaching, the teaching team has always adhered to the concept of moral cultivation and life-oriented。首先,Take "curriculum ideological and political construction" as the main line,Strengthen the cultivation of "language application ability" and "the ability to inherit and innovate the excellent traditional Chinese culture";Implement "diversified teaching methods, mixed teaching modes and process assessment methods";secondly,Implement the "activation" education path of "two-way language and culture inheritance, and make the past useful for the present",Guide students to learn the excellent ideological quality of ancient people from the excellent traditional culture,Draw strength from,To guide their own outlook on life, values, world outlook;finally,Rooted in the teaching idea of "thick foundation, heavy connotation and strong application",Conform to the new requirements of the new liberal arts construction,Index "bisexual degree",According to the overall goal of "knowledge transfer, ability training, value guidance",The talent cultivation features of "three heads" (written, oral, hand) and "three arts" (literature, craft, craft) are integrated into "class-after-class-social practice",Employment-oriented,Cultivate composite applied talents for the society。

After years of teaching reform and exploration,The educational effectiveness of the curriculum has been significantly improved,The results radiate the "activation" of the series of "extinct" courses (philology, phonology, exegesis, etc.) of ancient languages and characters.,It promotes the construction of Chinese language and literature specialty,Promote student employment and career development,It has promoted the inheritance and innovation of fine traditional Chinese culture,It has a good social influence。

Zhou Ying, Business School


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Course Introduction:Macroeconomics is a required course for first-year undergraduate students majoring in economics and management,General theories of national economy, laws of macroeconomic operation, macroeconomic policies, open economy and long-term economic growth,Enable students to analyze causal links between various macroeconomic variables,Assess the impact of macroeconomic policies,To predict future macroeconomic trends。

Business School Wang Xiumei

Introduction to Logistics Management

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Course Introduction:Introduction to Logistics Management is the core course of the provincial first-class undergraduate major construction point of Logistics Management in Guangzhou Nanfang University, where Business School teacher Wang Xiumei is the course leader。It is an application-oriented course focusing on the basic principles and ideas of logistics and studying logistics management processes, technologies and methods, aiming at cultivating logistics talents who have feelings, can manage, understand processes and dare to innovate。The course has been approved by Guangdong Province 2022 online and offline mixed first-class undergraduate course, school-level excellent resource sharing course and first-class undergraduate course, and has been approved by Guangdong Province Education Science planning subject curriculum teaching reform, school-level curriculum mixed teaching design, school-level curriculum teaching and research office, society ideological and political teaching reform and other projects。The curriculum reform achievements won the second prize of the 5th National College Blended Teaching Design Innovation Competition, the Guangdong Province Excellent Case of Curriculum Teaching Reform, the second prize of Guangdong Province Undergraduate College curriculum Ideological and political excellence case, and the first prize of the National 2022 Logistics Teaching and Research Teaching Reform project evaluation。

Yunkang Medical and Health College inexplicable month

Analytical Chemistry

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Course Introduction:"Analytical Chemistry" is a basic professional course for first-year undergraduates majoring in medical laboratory technology, which lays a foundation for students to learn many professional courses such as "Clinical Laboratory Instruments and Technology"。Under the new medical background,Combined with the orientation of training objectives of applied medical laboratory technical personnel,Four teaching reform measures are adopted in this course: interdisciplinary knowledge integration teaching, digital technology enabling experimental teaching, school-enterprise collaboration, production-teaching integration teaching and curriculum ideological and political ethics,Highlight the comprehensive application of chemical knowledge and strengthen the training of experimental skills,To help students master methods of analytical chemistry to deal with problems,Establish a strict concept of "quantity" and a rigorous scientific style,Develop the ability to further acquire knowledge and the habit of innovative scientific thinking。

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