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Notice of Guangzhou Nanfang University on holding the first "Reading China" Chinese Classics Reading Contest

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Each teaching unit, each office, office, department, center, library, logistics group:

Read the ancient and modern classics, and cultivate the feelings of home and country。In order to further develop college students' reading activities and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture,Show our students' inheritance and innovation of Chinese classics,根据《Guangzhou Nanfang University on the fourth quarter of the "open book travel" plan notice(Southern College Growth Center (2024) No. 1)In particular, the first "Reading China" Chinese Classics Reading Contest of Guangzhou Nanfang College was held。The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Competition organization

Hosted by: Center for Student Development Education

Organizer: Student Office (first-year student Work Department), School Youth League Committee, Department of General Education

Co-organizers: Faculties

2. Object of competition

Ordinary undergraduate students in our school。

3. Competition requirements

(1) Content requirements

Can reflect the excellent traditional Chinese culture,Red classics and Chinese classic poems of socialist core values, includingAncient, modern and contemporary outstanding literary works with social influence, the genre is not limited。Adaptations, networks, modern anonymous works and self-created works are not eligible for selection。

(2) Form requirements

1.Individual recitation or group recitation is encouraged in the form of group recitation。

2.Each person can participate in a maximum of one individual and one group reading。The reading time of each work is 3 to 6 minutes。There are no more than 2 tutors for each project。

3.Various forms such as music, costumes, props and chanting are encouraged to present the reading content。

4. Schedule

(1) Preliminary competition

Each relevant unit shall organize the preliminary competition or selection on its own before March 25, 2024, with its own form, and recommend the works shortlisted for the final competition。The number of recommended works for units with more than 2,000 students is 3-5, and the number of recommended works for units with less than 2,000 students is 1-3。

(2) The rematch

Before April 3, 2024, the organizer of the competition will organize the judges to evaluate the entries recommended by each unit and determine the entries shortlisted for the final。

(3) The final

Before April 23, 2024, the school held the first "Reading China" Chinese Classics Reading Contest (final)。

5. Award setting

Works that participated in the school semifinals but were not shortlisted for the final won the school-level finalist award。The finalists will compete for the first, second and third prizes and excellence awards, the most popular Award and the Best Creative Award。At the same time set up excellent organization award and excellent instructor award。

6. Other matters

(1) Job requirements

All relevant units should strengthen the organization and leadership, widely publicize and mobilize through various means, carefully organize and coordinate, take the event activities as an important content of the construction of the school style of learning, form a strong atmosphere of reading classics, reading classics and using classics, and create a bookish campus that loves reading, reading good books and reading well。

(2) Developmental school hours

Students who do not win the reading contest can record 2 growth hours;Winners in the final, semi-final and preliminary competitions can record 8 growth hours, 6 growth hours and 5 growth hours respectively。

(3) Submission of works

Each unit should submit the recommended work information (see Attachment 1) before March 25, 2024, and submit the electronic version to the email address of the first-year Student Affairs, paper version (unit signature) should be submitted to Room 314, Student Activity Center。The recommended works and the information of the participants are submitted in principleFail to keep watchCorrection and adjustment。

Appendix: Summary of works submitted by each unit to participate in the second round of the first "Reading China" Chinese Classics Reading Contest

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