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Badge of Guangzhou Southern College

The school emblem is an important symbol and symbol of a school。Guangzhou Nanfang University is in a critical period of deepening reform, innovation and development,On the occasion of its 10th anniversary,It is a cohesive force,Outer tree image,Promote the school philosophy,To enhance the recognition, visibility and influence of the College in the community,The college through public solicitation, online selection,The way to solicit the opinions of teachers and students representatives, experts and other parties,The school emblem of our college was determined,And approved by the president, the secretary office meeting。

The new emblem was designed by the faculty and students of the Department of Art, Design and Creative Industries。The main graphic of the school emblem adopts the architectural combination of the administration building and the library, which reflects the central axis image of Southern College in a simple and concise form, and is also the most iconic visual image symbol of the college and the easiest to obtain a sense of identity。The combination of pictures and texts adopts the original combination of pictures and texts of Sun Yat-sen University, which reflects the continuity of Southern College and Sun Yat-sen University。Among them, the Chinese font uses Mr. Sun Yat-sen's collection of characters, and the English font usesSwiss721Typeface;The main color of the logo is red sand red, which is calm and warm, reflecting the spirit of exploring the truth, down-to-earth and enterprising of the teachers and students of the school。

Guangzhou Southern College school motto

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School motto is the reflection of a university's philosophy of running a school and its spirit of governance。The way of university lies in cultivating students' noble life concept and conduct standards, in cultivating students' good way of thinking and constant pursuit of truth, and in cultivating students to become people with indomitable, courageous and hard-working spirit。

“厚德”From the book of Changes • Kun, "terrain Kun, a gentleman with moral"。In Chinese culture, "thick virtue" is regarded as a noble concept and code of conduct. Taking virtue as the foundation, virtue as the first and virtue as the respect, is the root of Chinese civilization for thousands of years。The word "Houde" is intended to advocate that teachers should devote themselves to teaching and cultivating people.Students pursue noble morality, cultivate and perfect personality, and cultivate talents with a sense of mission, responsibility, broad-minded and can be used in The Times。

“真理”It is the law of the operation of nature and society, and the eternal and unchanging truth that transcends race, national boundaries, and even time and space, regardless of human will。The discovery and practice of truth is the fundamental driving force and ultimate goal of the development and evolution of human civilization。The exploration and dissemination of truth is the core value of education, the core content of the university to train students and the mission of running a school。Taking "truth" as the motto of the school is the embodiment of the pursuit of truth in academic research, and the embodiment of the high standard and high quality that the school always adheres to in selecting teachers and educating people。

“忏思”It is a way of thinking and acting that college students need to cultivate。The critical thinking that "repentance" contains should be an indispensable and valuable spirit for college students in the process of moral cultivation and learning。 "He who knows people is wise, and he who knows has been clear;The strength of the winner, since the winner is strong;He who is content is rich, he who is forced is ambitious, without losing his owner for a long time, and he who is dead is not dead."。Taking "Repentance" as the training requires teachers and students to have the spirit of critical reflection and realize the goal of pursuing truth and perfecting themselves。

“拼搏”It is the life attitude that college students should have, which is full of the will to fight life and the spirit of creation and sacrifice to overcome hardships and difficulties。"Those who established great events in ancient times had not only extraordinary talents, but also perseverance.。” With the word "hard work" as the training, it aims to encourage teachers and students to overcome difficulties and forge ahead with indomitable will and indomitable spirit。

Guangzhou South College school song

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The south wind is fragrant[1]Beads flow long[2]

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, green trees and red walls。

(Introduce the geographical location of the college/campus features)

Inch grass Chunhui, Shien do not forget。

Kites fly, fish leap, vitality flies。

(Appreciate the grace of teachers/show the spirit of students)


Be diligent in repentanceThe more setbacks, the stronger

Advocate lofty human philosophy and conduct standards/cultivate students' good thinking and conduct methods

In pursuit of truth,Strive to advance。

Be a pillar of the country with both virtue and ability。

(The College's expectations of graduates and the ultimate goal of education)

[1] Emperor Shun had a song of "South Wind" and resigned the cloud:"南风薰兮,It can solve the anxiety of our people。南风The Sign of The Times,I can use the wealth of my people。南风The reference refers to the Southern College located in the South, and the establishment of the Southern College to relieve the people's difficulties, enrich the people's livelihood as the purpose of serving the society。

[2] Pearl water refers to the Southern College is established in the Pearl River waters, and the implicit investor Pearl River Investment Co., LTD。