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图片1.pngGuangzhou Nanfang College (formerly Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University) is a comprehensive application-oriented undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education in 2006。The university has been committed to building a first-class application-oriented university in China and striving to become a banner for the diversified development of higher education in Guangdong Province。

At present, the university has been approved as a doctoral workstation establishment unit in Guangdong Province, a master's degree awarding project construction unit in Guangdong Province, a national Social Science Fund project and a National Natural Science Fund project supporting unit, a pilot institution of comprehensive reform of higher education system in Guangdong Province, and the first batch of pilot universities for undergraduate transformation in Guangdong Province。

School profile

Basic situation

The school is located in Conghua District, Guangzhou, known as the "pearl on the Tropic of Cancer" and the "Guangzhou Back garden" reputation, the campus covers an area of 1092.09亩。The campus layout is beautiful and quiet, and it is a wonderful place for cultivating sentiment and studying。The university has 11 faculties and 45 undergraduate majors, forming a discipline system with management, literature and engineering as the main subjects, and economics, medicine and art with coordinated development, reasonable structure and complementary advantages。There are 19,061 full-time students。After more than ten years of construction, the school has presented a development pattern of thousands of acres of campus, 10,000 people, complete disciplines, famous teachers gathered, and talents produced in large numbers。

School library building area 2.90,000 square meters, reading seats nearly 3,000 seats。There are abundant literature and information resources, and nearly 100 kinds of Chinese and foreign language databases can be obtained and utilized。The library week is open for more than 100 hours, and the network service is uninterrupted 24 hours a day to meet the needs of readers in various aspects。

The school implements the principle of "conducive to the growth of students, conducive to the development of teachers and conducive to the future of the school",The school charter as the core,Build a management system of "authorized management by the board of directors, school management led by the president's team, and decentralized governance of related groups",Establish the internal governance mechanism of the "troika" (President, Book office + Academic Committee + Financial and Economic Committee) decision-making mechanism + democratic participation mechanism of the two main bodies (faculty congress + Student Congress) + social representatives (steering committee) supervision mechanism,Ensure the school decision-making scientific, democratic and efficient;Establish the operating mechanism of "macro-planning of the school, active service of the department, and independent academic research of the department",Fully mobilize the initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of faculty personnel training;We will build a teacher development mechanism that "attracts, retains and uses well" and a student growth mechanism that "freely chooses, strictly manages and carefully guides",Help teachers personalized development and students all-round growth。

School-running orientation

The school is based in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area,Establish a disciplinary and professional system of management, economics, medicine, literature, art and engineering with cross-penetration and coordinated development,Focus on the development of engineering, business and social shortage of medical (medical technology) intersecting with artificial intelligence and big data;Application-oriented undergraduate education,We will actively develop graduate education for professional degrees,For the economic and social development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, cultivate high-quality composite applied talents with ideal belief, civic accomplishment and sound personality, solid professional foundation and outstanding innovation and practice ability;Through "strong foundation, gather characteristics and show brand",Strive to build the school into a perfect management system,It is one of the leading application-oriented universities in China and a high-level university with distinctive characteristics。

School-running characteristics

Whole person education, constructionthree-dimensionalCulture program of

The school breaks the "two skins" phenomenon of knowledge inheritance and student growth, organically integrates ideological and political education, professional education, general education and growth education, and builds a three-dimensional talent training program that integrates "disciplinary professional knowledge imparting, core values inheritance, ability and quality cultivation"。

Personality education, constructionautonomizeGrowth platform

The school implements the free transfer of majors and full credit system, allowing students to choose majors, courses and teachers independently according to their personal interests and growth needs under the guidance of tutors. Students are encouraged to actively participate in discipline professional competitions and participate in the research topics of tutors, forming a training model that provides personalized platforms for students' growth。

Full staff education, buildintegrationThe education team

The school breaks the educational boundaries between ideological and political education, general education and student work, sets up a student growth education center, implements the whole-course tutorial system, and builds a teacher education community。The school employs people with rich social experience who are interested in student training in various fields of Party, government, military and civilian studies to serve as chief student growth tutors,Select excellent teachers and administrators to serve as mentors for student development,A mentor group is formed through chief tutors, counselors, academic professional tutors, ideological and political tutors, industry tutors and peer tutors,Build a community of education,Help students develop ability and quality。

Collaborative education, practiceHexagonal joint constructionCultivation mechanism of

School achieve political line QiXie with education professional accounted for more than 90%, has formed "ZhengJiao line companies build transformation in the development of academic disciplines management consulting team, can double double type teachers, applied talents training scheme and applied course, applied materials, production, use platform" fusion education personnel training mechanism。

School-running achievement

Discipline development

The school implements the strategies of "differentiated" dislocation development and "unbalanced" development, and builds distinctive and high-level disciplines and specialties。At present, there are 4 national first-class undergraduate major construction points, 6 provincial first-class undergraduate major construction points, 2 provincial key disciplines, 1 national first-class undergraduate course, 11 provincial first-class undergraduate courses, 15 provincial curriculum ideological and political demonstration projects, 5 provincial quality resource sharing courses and 5 provincial open online courses。In April 2023, iResearch Alumni Association released the 2023 Alumni Association Ranking of Chinese universities, and our university ranked second in China's comprehensive private universities and first in Guangdong Province's private universities。The university attaches great importance to scientific research and industry-university-research work, and has provincial and ministerial-level platforms such as engineering technology centers of provincial universities and new think tanks with characteristics of provincial universities. It has built a number of applied scientific research platforms serving local economic and social development, bringing together high-level scientific research teams from various disciplines。In the past three years, the school has undertaken a number of scientific research projects including the National Social Science Foundation and the Humanities and social science research projects of the Ministry of Education. The teachers have published hundreds of high-level papers that have been included in CSSCI, SSCI, SCI and other core journals at home and abroad, and one paper has been published by PNAS。

Teacher construction

The university attaches great importance to the construction of talent team,Since 2014,We have continuously strengthened the recruitment of talents through the Taiwan Doctoral Program, the Dual Doctoral teacher Construction Program, the Discipline Leader recruitment program, the Young teacher Empowerment Program, and the young and middle-aged backbone teacher Training Program,It has brought together a team of teachers who are mainly young and middle-aged full-time teachers, and have broad vision and excellent quality。

In order to promote the growth of teachers, the school has implemented the reform of teacher classification evaluation, and gradually realized the classified development of teachers through the classified management and evaluation of teachers。

In recent years, school teachers have made continuous breakthroughs in teaching and scientific research。He won the first prize of the Provincial education and Teaching Achievement Award, the second prize of the Provincial education and Teaching Achievement Award, the second prize of the first National College Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition (the only one of its kind in the province), the special prize of the Guangdong College Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition, and the Gold medal of the first National Post-doctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (one of the 57 gold MEDALS in the country).。Teachers have also made new achievements in the National Natural Fund, National Social Science Fund, provincial Natural Fund, provincial philosophy and social science projects, invention patents, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and government consulting reports, and contributed their talents in integrating into local areas and serving local areas。

Personnel training

The university focuses on application-oriented undergraduate education,We will actively develop graduate education for professional degrees,In-depth implementation of the "discipline professional knowledge imparting, core values inheritance, ability and quality cultivation" tridimensional talent training program,Focus on the practice of interdisciplinary professional, industry, science and education integration of personnel training mechanism;Establish a student development mentor group with "senior people from government, school, industry and enterprise serving as chief mentors + key school staff serving as professional tutors, general tutors and counselors",Formulate the student growth and education program of "Dream enlightenment, dream building and dream realization",Implement the student growth mechanism of "free choice, strict management and careful guidance" to enhance students' internal drive,Promote students' all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, the United States and labor;To implement the training mechanism of "interdisciplinary, production-education integration, general professional combination" of high-quality innovative applied talents,Pilot the German dual talent training model in health, medical care, medical technology and engineering disciplines;Implement "large class teaching and small class discussion",Promote the use of mixed, case, project and other teaching methods,To cultivate students' advanced abilities such as knowledge transfer, cross-border integration, application innovation and critical thinking,For the economic and social development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, to cultivate high-quality composite applied talents with ideal belief, civic accomplishment and sound personality, solid professional foundation and outstanding innovation and practice ability。

近3年,The school won the Ministry of Education's first phase of supply and demand docking employment education project 2 projects,The first prize of the typical experience of employment work collective and entrepreneurship work of graduates from colleges and universities in Guangdong Province,Second prize of the 10th Guangdong College Students Career Teaching Competition,The sixth and seventh China International "Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition National silver award (the only university in the province won the award for two consecutive years)。The 8th China International "Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Guangdong Province branch Race Industry track silver award 1。The 9th China International "Internet Plus" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Guangdong Province won 1 bronze award for the Main track of high education and 2 bronze awards for the Industrial track。In 2021, the school will be approved by the Ministry of Education for one Sino-foreign cooperative education project (cooperation major: Data Science and Big Data Technology), and approved by the Ministry of Education for the Sino-US Talent Training Program 121 double degree project (cooperation major: Accounting, finance, economics).。

Vision and goals

The original heart is like the rock, the mission is on the shoulder。Based in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, our University will continue to pursue innovation, innovation and development, and a truth-seeking and pragmatic style, 踔厉, and strive to continuously improve its educational level, step by step, and move forward with the beautiful vision of becoming a high-level university with distinctive characteristics at the forefront of applied universities in China.