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Our university held a preparatory meeting for the assessment of the rule of law work in 2024

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On the morning of March 13th,Our university organized relevant units to hold a preparatory meeting for the assessment of the rule of law work in 2024 in the second conference room of the No.1 Administration Building,The aim is to promote construction through evaluation,We will implement the principle of running schools in accordance with the law,We will accelerate the modernization of school governance systems and governance capabilities,The meeting was chaired by Assistant President Liu Jincheng。

Assistant Principal Liu Jincheng first conveyed the spirit of the relevant documents of the Provincial Department of Education, and clearly pointed out at the meeting that the assessment of the rule of law work is an important testing index to standardize schools, and an important part of achieving "standards, norms, and quality"。He stresses,Face the new situation and new tasks,We have to shift our thinking,Raise awareness,In strict accordance with the requirements of the education authorities,Combined with the actual situation of the school,Problem-oriented,High standards, strict requirements, solid support for this evaluation work,In order to comprehensively improve the level of our school's rule of law work,To ensure that the school continues to make new breakthroughs and progress in the construction of the rule of law。

The Development Planning Department has carried out a comprehensive deployment of the rule of law assessment work, standardized explanations of the work, and clarified specific requirements and measures。此外,Tian Li, deputy director of the Development Planning Department, stressed at the meeting,Assessment of rule of law work is a means rather than an end,She asked all units to pay high attention,Take this assessment of the rule of law work as an opportunity,This paper thoroughly combs and analyzes the actual situation of the current school rule of law work,Clear key points,Grasp the key,Ensure the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of the submitted materials。

The holding of this meeting marks that our school will enter a new stage in the next rule of law work, and the teachers and students of the school will closely unite and work together to form a joint work force, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the school。

Source: Development Planning Division Editor: School News and Publicity Center

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