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A new start!Our school was approved to set up Guangdong doctoral workstation

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Recently, according to the "Notice on the Establishment of Guangdong Doctoral Workstation in 224 units such as Guangzhou Chest Hospital" issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Guangzhou Southern University has been successfully approved to set up Guangdong Doctoral workstation。

Guangdong Doctoral Workstation is an innovative platform for doctoral talent management services in Guangdong Province。In order to achieve the "introduction, good use, retention, mobility, and good service" of doctors and postdocs, The site will continue to absorb and gather doctoral and postdoctoral talents,Intensify efforts to gather a large number of outstanding and top-notch young talents,Give full play to the role of talent "reservoir";At the same time, it is an important carrier for schools to introduce and gather young and middle-aged high-level talents,By continuing to promote the development of the doctoral team,Make it an incubator for the academic backbone of the school, a new engine for scientific and technological innovation, and a booster for discipline construction,So as to accelerate the construction of a high-level applied university。

Since May 2021, Guangzhou Nanfang University has been approved as a master's degree awarding project construction unit,The school took this as an opportunity,We will encourage interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research cooperation,We will continue to promote the cultivation of scientific research projects at all levels, the cultivation of scientific research and innovation teams, and the construction of key scientific research bases,It has injected a strong impetus into the production of high-quality scientific research results in our school,It marks the continuous improvement of the scientific research and innovation level of our school。

Under the scientific decision-making and guidance of the school leadership and the joint efforts of the faculty and staff of the whole school, our university now has 4 provincial and ministerial research platforms, 2 national first-class undergraduate major construction points, 8 provincial first-class undergraduate major construction points, and 2 provincial key disciplines。近3年,The university has undertaken a number of high-level scientific research projects, including the National Social Science Fund project and the Humanities and Social science research project of the Ministry of Education.Teachers have published hundreds of high-level papers (including 1 paper published by PNAS) that have been included by CSSCI, SSCI, SCI and other core journals at home and abroad.In the 2022 "Allison China Alumni Association network" Chinese university ranking,Our school ranks second in the ranking of private universities in China,Guangdong Province ranked first。The overall scientific research level and comprehensive competitiveness of the school have been significantly improved。

At the same time,Through the vigorous implementation of talent strategy,It includes the Taiwan Doctoral Program, the Global Introduction of young doctoral programs, the introduction of dual doctoral programs for industries, the recruitment program for discipline leaders and chief student development mentors, the Young Talent Support Program, and the teacher classification development Program,The school continues to strengthen talent education,It has brought together a team of teachers with broad vision and excellent quality, mainly young and middle-aged doctoral teachers,The talent team system of our school has been continuously improved。

The approval of Guangzhou Nanfang University to set up a doctoral workstation in Guangdong Province is an affirmation of the university's scientific research ability, comprehensive management level and service ability by the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province and the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, and is also a new milestone in the construction of a high-level talent team of the university。今后,The university will further improve the working position of doctoral talents,Give full play to the advantages of the platform of the doctoral station,Strengthen overall planning,Build a talent classification development mechanism that "attracts, retains and uses well",To build a team of doctoral talents with appropriate scale, reasonable structure, noble ethics, in line with school orientation and able to meet the needs of discipline development,It provides talent guarantee for creating "a high-level university with distinctive characteristics at the forefront of applied universities in China"。

Source: Scientific Research Office  Editor: School News and Publicity Center

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