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Our school carried out the theme activity of "' Planting 'this green beauty, a total' tree 'future" Arbor Day

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On the occasion of the 46th Arbor DayAt 13:00 on March 12th, our school launched the "' Planting 'this green beauty and' planting 'the future together" at the labor practice education base of "Farming and Pastoral".Arbor Day theme activities,It aims to deeply plant and practice the development concept of "clear water and green mountains are Jinshan and silver mountains"Guests attending this event are Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President Zhi Xiucong,Chen Sisi, deputy director of Student Development Education Center and secretary of Youth League Committee,Liu Longying, Director of the Admissions and Employment Office,Wong Ka-yu, Head of Department of Liberal Studies,Huang Hao, deputy director of Student Development Education Center and Executive deputy Director of Student Affairs Office,Li Puyang, deputy director of Student Affairs and deputy Minister of first-year student Affairs Department,Lu Yichuan, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee, and various school counselors。


At the beginning of the event, Deputy Secretary Zhi Xiucong delivered a speech for the event。He mentioned that spring is a time for sowing hope, and "farming the fields" evokes memories of his childhood working in the fields。He said that the school carried out the tree-planting activity not only to beautify the campus environment, but also to respond to the concept of "clear water and green mountains are gold mountains and silver mountains"。By telling the beautiful story of Academician Yuan Longping's dream of enjoying the cool, Deputy Secretary Zhi Xiucong encouraged the students to sow hope, cultivate the future and harvest fruits。

Then, teachers and students work together to shovel soil, dig pits and put seedlings, build soil, fill the soil and water, and hit the small saplings take root on the land。Subsequently, the teachers and students together on the message board to write the tree seedlings and the beautiful expectations of the field, looking forward to the future harvest。

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