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The School of Accounting conducts training for new teachers

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On the afternoon of March 6th, Professor Guo Huaping, a senior teacher of the School of Accounting, conducted a special training on teaching work for new teachers of the School of Accounting. The training theme was "Tell every lesson you have to teach".。This training is designed to help new teachers buckle the "first button" of their career, adapt to their jobs as soon as possible, and improve their education and teaching ability。

At the training meeting, Professor Guo Huaping shared his nearly 40 years of teaching experience without reservation from the six aspects of mood, smile, humor, questioning, encouragement and recognition, inspiring the new teachers' enthusiasm for growth。Professor Guo also proposed that new teachers must reposition themselves, and how to create a good classroom atmosphere for teachers, attract students, and condense the "three-three-three principle".。Finally, Professor Guo showed his course preparation process in detail, and gave professional suggestions for teachers in the course of preparation and teaching。

This special training has pointed out the methods and paths for new teachers to improve the basic quality of teachers, and promoted the professional growth of young teachers。会计学院将持续为青年教师提供学习和交流的平台,按照习近平总书记“四有”好老师标准要求青年教师,指导他们成长为学生锤炼品格、学习知识、创新思维的引路人。

Source: School of Accounting Editor: School News and Publicity Center

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