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The Teachers' Teaching Development Centre held a special lecture on experience sharing for the Youth Education Competition

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On the afternoon of March 20, the Teacher Teaching Development Center held a special lecture on "Highlighting Logic and condensing Characteristics - Sharing experience of Youth Teaching Competition" at 5 Teaching 205。The purpose of this lecture is to promote teachers who intend to participate in the 7th National College Young Teachers Teaching Competition (hereinafter referred to as "Youth Teaching Competition") to deepen their understanding of the competition process, requirements and evaluation criteria。The Teacher Teaching Development Center specially invited Professor Xiao Yang, who won the first prize in the sixth Youth Education Competition, to the school for pre-competition guidance and experience sharing。More than 50 teachers from all teaching units participated。The lecture was hosted by Lu Peian, Director of the Teacher Teaching Development Center。

Director Lu Pei 'an delivered an opening speech

At the beginning of the lecture, Director Lu Peian made a speech at the meeting. He expressed his gratitude to Professor Xiao Yang for his guidance on behalf of the school。He pointed out that young teachers are the future of the school, and we should take this opportunity to sum up experience and form a good set of new mechanisms and new models to promote the rapid growth of young teachers。The Teacher Teaching Development Center will continue to do a good job for teachers in teaching and research work, provide more guidance and help, and hope that the majority of young teachers will bear in mind the responsibility of teaching and educating people, do not forget the original intention, concentrate on educating people, and constantly improve the quality and skills of teaching。

Professor Xiao Yang shared his experience in preparing for the competition

In the lecture, Professor Xiao Yang introduced the main aspects of the Youth education Competition to the young teachers in detail, starting with the interpretation of the competition plan, the selection of teaching content, the analysis of teaching design, the analysis of classroom teaching, other details of preparation for the competition, and key improvement strategies。Through case analysis, teaching design of self-competition and teaching ppt display and interpretation, it vividly presents the scenes of the previous youth education competition for teachers, and makes clear what to examine in each link of the competition and how to prepare for it。The teachers were attentive, listening, thinking, learning the relevant preparation points, and taking notes on the learning content。

Teachers ask questions and exchange sessions

After the sharing session, the participating young teachers actively exchanged and discussed with Professor Xiao Yang about the confusion and questions in the youth education competition。After the sharing, the participating teachers said that the sharing will benefit a lot, and more encourage themselves to look at the excellent teachers, the idea of "student-oriented, moral education" throughout the teaching, and constantly improve and perfect teaching methods。At the same time, I would like to express my gratitude to the Teachers' Teaching Development Center for organizing the sharing session before the competition. I also hope that there will be more opportunities for exchange and learning in the future, so that young teachers can grow faster and better。Next, the Teacher Teaching Development Center will hold a variety of lectures, actively mobilize young and middle-aged teachers to participate in various teaching competitions, focus on improving the teaching ability of school teachers, further promote teaching research, build excellent and strong teachers, and promote the steady improvement of school teaching quality。

Source: Center for Teacher Teaching DevelopmentManuscript: Gu Fan Editor: School News and Publicity Center

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