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School of Public Administration of our university visited Guangzhou Sairui Human Resources Co., LTD

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On the morning of February 24th,The deputy secretary of the Party Committee of our school, vice president Zhi Xiucong,Industry-university-research cooperation Department director Ye Na,Chen Tianxiang, Dean of the School of Public Administration,Associate Dean Sna,Chen Xin, head of Department of Human Resource Management,Human Resource Management Li Baohua, Liu Honghua, Yang Xiuping,Zhang Peiyi, director of the Student Work Office, visited Guangzhou Sairui Human Resources Co., LTD。

At the exchange,Liao Jibin Patrick, founder of Guangzhou Sairui Human Resources Co., LTD., Jenny, strategic talent consultant, and Su Mei-Jun Delia, head of new retail project, warmly welcomed the delegation to visit our school,The two sides carried out in-depth exchanges on the training content and progress of the order class of Cerui,At the same time, the university tutor workstation and employment education project are fully discussed。The two sides stressed the significance of school-enterprise cooperation, expressed the urgent expectation of deepening cooperation, and committed to promoting the integration of industry and education and improving the quality of personnel training。

In this school-enterprise cooperation, the two sides will give full play to the advantages of campus and off-campus resources to jointly help talent training。We look forward to further promoting cooperation projects, achieving more fruitful results, deepening school-enterprise cooperation, and strengthening collaborative education。

来源School of Public Administration Editor: School News and Publicity Center

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