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College English Teaching Center held a meeting to start the new semester

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The College English Teaching Center held a new semester opening meeting on the afternoon of February 28 in Room 5-203。The purpose of this meeting is to ensure the smooth development of college English teaching in the new semester and improve the quality of teaching。The meeting was presided over by Song Wei, director of the first-year teaching and Research Department, and attended by all the teachers of the College English Teaching Center。

At the meeting, Director Chen Jianbo delivered a speech。Director Chen first affirmed the excellent performance of the teachers in teaching, scientific research and social services in the past year。同时,Director Chen stressed,The undergraduate teaching evaluation to be carried out in our school is the means,The purpose is to improve the software and hardware environment of the school,We will standardize school running and teaching,Guarantee teaching quality,Ultimately benefiting schools, teachers and students;He hopes that the teachers will continue their efforts in the New Year,Take teaching evaluation as an opportunity,Promote construction by evaluation,We will make greater achievements in all our work,Be fully prepared for the upcoming teaching assessment。

Director Chen Jianbo also emphasized the importance of strengthening the construction of teachers' ethics。He asked all teachers to adhere to the "four self-confidence" and "two maintenance", adhere to the socialist core values, and establish a good image of teacher ethics。At the same time, he hopes that everyone can work together to create a harmonious and caring, positive and enterprising working atmosphere, encourage teachers to pay attention to provincial teaching research and research projects, actively participate in the declaration work, to project declaration and construction as the starting point, improve their teaching research and research capabilities。In addition, Chen also encouraged teachers to actively participate in social service work while doing their own jobs。

In the following meeting, Ms. Song Weiwei explained the teaching plan for the new semester in detail and arranged the teaching work for the new semester。She reminded teachers to carefully read the teaching plan, understand the changes in the distribution of grades, changes in test questions and other content, to ensure the pertinence of teaching, improve teaching efficiency and effect。In addition, Teacher Song also stressed the importance of regular scores and final scores registration forms, requiring teachers to carefully register and fill out items to ensure the rigor and fairness of college English scores registration and statistics。

The meeting not only pointed out the direction and requirements for the work of the College English Teaching Center in the new semester, but also provided a platform for all teachers to learn and communicate with each other。

Source: Center for College English TeachingManuscripts and photography are by Huang Liting)  Editor: School News and Publicity Center

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