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The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering held a teaching standard training meeting for new teachers

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On March 6, the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering successfully held a training meeting on the standardization of undergraduate teaching process。The purpose of this training is to help new teachers understand the teaching work norms, improve the teaching skills of new teachers, help new teachers quickly complete the identity and role adaptation and transformation, and promote the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment。The training was presided over by President Yang Zhi and delivered by Vice President Min Hu. Teachers from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering who have been working since December 2023 attended the meeting。

At the beginning of the meeting,Dean Yang Zhi introduced the specific content and requirements of undergraduate qualification assessment,According to the Work Plan for Welcoming Evaluation and Promoting Construction of Guangzhou Nanfang University (2023-2025) and the work arrangement for welcoming evaluation and Promoting construction of School of Electrical and Computer Engineering,Every teacher needs to do a solid job in undergraduate teaching,New teachers should adapt and learn the relevant content as soon as possible,Strive to improve the quality of teaching,Strive to create rich teaching results

Then, Vice President Min Hu explained in detail the specific requirements of the standardization of teaching process data under the work of qualification assessment。Teaching is the most basic task of every subject teacher,In order to enable new teachers to carry out regular teaching work in a standardized and skillful way,Vice President Min conducted detailed training in the aspects of personnel training program rules, the formulation and implementation of the teaching syllabus, the specific requirements of the course assessment, the invigilation requirements, the formulation and correction of the final examination papers, and the work requirements of each link of the graduation project (thesis)。Every teacher needs to carefully complete the sorting and filing of course and examination materials, ensure the standardization of the teaching process, and sort out and file course materials and examination and assessment materials in strict accordance with the norms。Then, Vice President Min and new teachers exchanged specific teaching management, data collection, personal growth and other aspects, he hoped that all new teachers continue to enrich and improve their own knowledge system, explore in practice, and improve their own level of education and scientific research。

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering always regards the training and growth of teachers as an important task. This training helps new teachers to have a deeper understanding of the school's various education and teaching practices, and quickly adapt to the work of education and teaching, so as to carry out teaching work in a standardized, orderly and efficient manner and improve the quality of teaching。

Source: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering  Editor: School News and Publicity Center

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