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Our school launched the anti-fraud education lecture in the spring semester of 2024

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On March 13, the Student Affairs Office and the Security Department of the University jointly held an anti-fraud education lecture in the spring semester of the 2024 academic year in conjunction with the Conghua District Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau。Ye Libiao, director of Hot Spring Police Station of Conghua Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, and Yue Lin, Police officer of Conghua Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, were invited to attend the lecture. More than 600 teachers and students of our school and all members of the Security Department participated in the lecture。

会上,Yue Lin police officer and the scene of teachers and students after the interaction,From what is telecom fraud, telecom network fraud high incidence means, telecom network fraud prevention countermeasures, broken card action and so on,Combined with real cases, this paper introduces in detail the common telecom network fraud means, characteristics, forms, harms and preventive measures,At the same time, explain to teachers and students the harm and possible consequences of buying and selling mobile phone cards, bank cards, QQ accounts, wechat accounts, Alipay and other accounts, and bear the legal responsibility。

next,The school's student Affairs Office and Security Department will strengthen communication and cooperation with local public security organs,We will continue to carry out anti-fraud propaganda activities in various forms and with rich content,Help teachers and students deeply understand the harm of telecom network fraud,Continuously enhance the ability of teachers and students to identify and prevent all kinds of new fraud crimes,Further reduce the incidence rate of campus fraud cases,Build a harmonious and safe campus。

Source: Security Department 编审:School news and publicity center

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