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Guangzhou Southern College campus monitoring supplement upgrade project bidding announcement

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Bid Number: South Hospital Recruitment (Service) 【202314

一、Project name: Guangzhou Nanfang University campus monitoring and upgrading project


Based on the existing campus monitoring of our school, the project plans to supplement the areas not covered by the monitoring such as the publicity column and the stadium, and upgrade the monitoring of the entrances and exits of the south and north gates。This project includes line layout, equipment installation and commissioning and access to existing management platforms. At present, the existing monitoring platform systems of the university are respectively: HikvisionIVMS-4200 V3.8.1.4, Hikvision centralized monitoring application management system V6.4.0.25670 Dahua SMART PSS V2.003。

Consider the compatibility of the new equipment with the existing equipment, platform and management system,This projectMain equipment brand limit: Hikvision (Hikvision, DAHUA, TIANDY, uniview。Project equipment采购Detailed listSee the attachment for technical specifications and functional requirements: Procurement Requirements for the Campus Monitoring and Upgrading Project of Guangzhou Southern University

三、tendererQualification Requirements:

1.Having the ability to bear civil liability independentlyA legal person registered in the People's Republic of China

2.Specializing in the construction of monitoring system, with safety technology and prevention system design, construction, maintenance qualification certificate level 3 and above, qualification certificate within the validity period

3.Not listed on the "Credit China" website (www.creditchina.gov.cn) "List of persons subject to enforcement of dishonesty or parties to major tax violations or government procurement serious violations of dishonesty" record list;Not in the Chinese government procurement website (www.ccgp.gov.cn) During the period of prohibited participation in government procurement activities in the "Information Record of Serious illegal and dishonest Acts of Government procurement" (screenshots need to be provided with official seal);

4.The bidder shall provide at least one copy of similar project performance in 2022 and 2023 (provide contract, performance certificate and other certification documents, stamped with official seal).

5.Provide a copy of the relevant qualification certificate of the person who intends to implement the project monitoring system maintenance (with official seal)

6.Meet the conditions stipulated in Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China;

7.Joint bids are not accepted for this project。

四、Functional requirements and objectives:For details, see "Guangzhou Southern University Campus Monitoring Supplement Upgrade Project Procurement Requirements"。

五、Equipment and technical requirements:For details, see "Guangzhou Southern University Campus Monitoring Supplement Upgrade Project Procurement Requirements"。

六、Project participation method:

Potential bidders who wish to register please log inhttp://www.wisdombidding.com bidding procurement system registration。Potential bidders who wish to register can visit:http://www.linquxiangjiao.com/ztb/index.htm Download the attachment to obtain the requirementsTo understand the project requirements。

七、Answering Time and place:

In order to ensure that the bidder has a full understanding of the project, the purchaser will organize a unified site survey and question and answer, the bidder must have a site understanding of the existing monitoring system, and the copy of the project site survey sign up form shall be provided in the bidding materials。After the contract is signed, the bidder shall bear any increase in expenses caused by the inmeticulous site survey。

Question and answer sessionBe planned for202311910:00 in the administration building2119室举行Intend to bidPlease refer to118Sunday afternoonMake a reservation by 17:00 and email your questions to ztb@linquxiangjiao.com

八、Project purchase start and end time:


, the project contact and contact information

Contact person:老师

Contact number:020-61787359

Contact Email:ztb@linquxiangjiao.com

   Address: Conghua Hot Spring Town, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province广州Southern CollegeA1 Administration Building, Room 115


Attachment: Procurement requirement for Campus monitoring and Upgrading project of Guangzhou Nanfang University

Attachment: Tender Offer (Supplier quotation template)

                                     广州Southern College Bid Management Center


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