Principal's mailbox
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In order to further strengthen the close contact with the teachers, students and staff and create a good and reasonable feedback channel, the university has decided to open the "President's mailbox" of Guangzhou Nanfang University:。The teachers, students and staff of the whole school can reflect the problems to the school leaders through this email, and put forward opinions and suggestions for the development of the school。

Instructions for use

1.The principal's mailbox is used to accept the suggestions, opinions or reflections of teachers and staff on the work of the school, and is not used as a channel for handling specific work。The scope of mailbox acceptance includes:

(1) Opinions and suggestions on the reform, development and stability of the school;

(2) Opinions and suggestions on school teaching, scientific research and other administrative work;

(3) Opinions and suggestions on issues related to the vital interests of teachers, students and staff。

If you have any questions about the violations of discipline or law, please contact the Office of Supervision and Audit at 020-61784099 or email。

For questions about the supervision of teachers' ethics and ethics, please consult the Personnel Office, Tel: 020-61787998,。

For questions about logistics management of our University, please contact the General Affairs Office: Tel: 020-61787101, Email:。

For any questions about library management, please contact the library at 020-61787371 or email。

2.The content of the letter must comply with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, comply with social ethics, and be true and objective。

3.The problems reflected or to be solved in the letter should be specific and detailed, including specific time, place, personnel, etc., to facilitate evidence collection or field investigation。

4.Letter at the same time indicate your real name and effective contact information, we will comply with the relevant confidentiality provisions, if necessary, we will contact you directly by phone, anonymous or pseudonymous letter we are inconvenient to deal with。

5.Questions that have already been answered may not be accepted by the "Mailbox". Please do not re-submit letters for questions that have been answered。